My Name is Manoj and I am from India, you can reach me Codehat at Twitter,manojap at Github.

I work on a software firm, in which my role is design ,develop and upgrade desktop application. I also lend hand in user support.

I try helping opensource community by building and providing useful projects and apps. I have been building software for Windows/Web/Cross platforma apps using .NEt/SQLSERVER/Python and FLutter.

I had build free accounting package which avaiable on Github for Windows users.

My Projects

  • Pybaoard-C19 A covid dashboard for [Indian states],written in Python and Flask Framework
  • unsplash Bot Free stock image dowloader bot for Unsplash.com
  • Book Keeper A minimal accounting package for Windows users ,for personal and commercial purposes.

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Project Covid-19 Dashboard
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Project Unsplashbot
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